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Button to watch channel when searching for content (9)
Date on Guide? (11)
Grid display of recordings (12)
[Feature Request] Allow enable/disable swipe left/right to change channel in Favorite or "All channels" (3)
Auto select HD version of channel (2)
TV App integration (12)
Auto tune to channel schedule (1)
Limit recording channel DVR passes (1)
Grid Guide jump fwd/back using right/left edge click (2)
Apple TV Search (3)
Indicator in Grid Guide for Shows with passes (not scheduled to record) (4)
Integrate Subscription streaming tv channels (2)
Dual Buffers ( 2 ) (32)
On Now Tab UI Suggestion (1)
Hide Premium TV (7)
Scrubbing Timeline is too Inaccurate (11)
User Profiles / basic parental controls (6)
Teams in Sports Thumbnails (8)
Simpler Recordings Tab (3)
NEW tag within grid guide (1)
Warning if recording more than two channels that overlap (10)
Feature Request: Siri Search on Recorded Shows (10)
Feature Request: Start on Channel (2)
For those of us that live in between local markets, picking up stations from Multiple cities ( 2 ) (25)
DLNA Client? (2)
Reverse order of episodes - oldest to newest (13)
Option to store channels username and password for remote viewing (1)
Auto framrate + yadif x2 deinterlacing (3)
Siri voice command to tune to specific channels? (8)
Custom Channel Category List (2)