2.1.14 h264 issue almost fixed

As per discussions on another topic, thought it was best to start a new topic so it didn't get confusing between the FTV4K and the cube. .14 has pretty much fixed the h264 interlaced issue on the 4K.

It does still crash however it just happened to me a couple of minutes ago when my wife was watching BBC1 HD I have submitted a diagnostic report of you can please see what happened and if it can be fixed.


Does appear to be much better, although need to test it with live sports, that always used to kill it.

I managed to get a crash after a reasonable stint while watching live sport, I've submitted diagnostics for @tmm1 if he's able to take a look.

Much better in general though, and I seemed to be able to restart Channels and go back to the stream without restarting the firestick.

Admin just checking did you get the crash diagnostics for mine and t0mm00re's crashes?

This new build is very good the crashes are almost gone, I am guessing it is under very high frame rate programs that give the crashes as t0mm00re said he was watching live sports and my wife had strictly come dancing on which again is high frame rate with them twirling around and such

Thanks very much

@t0mm00re's crash report did not include any data. More reports would help us correlate the issue.

Did my crash report have any data that was sent a few minutes before starting this topic?

I must've restarted channels between the issue and submitting the diagnostics, would that nerf the logs @tmm1?

Great news that this is now working. I gave it a try when watching the end of the live England football match on ITVHD on Friday and it seemed to work perfectly. When set to software decoding a football match was previously unwatchable. I have a recording of an F1 race from Sunday which I will try tonight.

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Just a bit of feedback on the h264 interlaced issue, other than 2 cashes Channels has been flawless since you did whatever you guys did to stop this crashing.

Thank you, youve made my wife stop nagging at me about why we dont just have a normal TV! I have received no twining on the subject since 2.1.14 so well done

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