2 yrs later. Appletv center audio channel drops when leaving app

much much better

I can’t believe we are approaching two years since I brought up this issue.
And somehow the center channel is still not fixed when leaving the app and returning.

I thought this was fixed in one of the betas I tested

Either the issue has returned or was never fixed

I’ve sent a support email attaching a video demoing the issue

Again it’s it’s been two years is there anything I can provide to help get this issue resolved

Anyone else experiencing this?

We've audited the code several times and there's nothing we can do differently. We tell tvOS how many channels are present and send them to the audio APIs made available by Apple. The rest is up to the OS.

FWIW all of us developers use Channels every day with Apple TV and surround sound systems and have never experienced this problem.

@damcclu You reported it was fixed earlier:

Maybe it's working with a specific audio driver setting and the setting changed since then?

is the video i sent in good enough, can i provide something else?
would a webex or something help.

Thank you it looks like this latest update fixed it.
It kind of looks like you were able to solve this because the video stops completely instead of just pausing when you exit the app and then resumes when you come back to Channels.
Ver 5.5.0