2018 iPad Pro playback issues



So since I have upgraded my iPad to the new iPad Pro I have been having playback issues where programmes will take at least 3 or 4 minutes to start playing with just the buffering icon in the middle Of a black screen. This is playing locally over WiFi. I didn’t have any playback issues on my previous iPad Air 2 and have no issues on my iPhone XS Max or Apple TV (both over WiFi). I have not looked through the logs yet but can post them if needed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Strange, no issues on my new iPad here. Are you sure it's connected to the same Wi-Fi network?


Yes same WiFi.


Is your iPad set to use original quality or something different? Sounds potentially like a transcoding issue to me.


Yeah that’s what I thought too but I’ve compared the settings within the app to the settings on my iPhone and they’re both the same. When checking the logs on the server, it doesn’t show any transcoding starting when playing on my iPad.


Do you have a email address I can send a screen recording of the issue to? Even with the latest app update the issue is not resolved.


Sure, [email protected]

Have you tried the speedtest button on the settings tab? What does it say?