Ability to search DVR recordings?

I don't know if I'm the only one lol but I have over 1,300 recordings and when i'm looking for an individual episode or TV show it's not that easy.

I was wondering if you can introduce a way to search for a TV show or episode within your DVR recordings?


I second this request and I'm only in the hundreds!

I'm up to 2043 recordings and would like this as well.


Searching the guide AND the DVR recordings would be useful!

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Hoping you don't find this post off-topic...

Sounds like a great idea searching existing Channels DVR recordings.

I maintain a small video library outside of Channels DVR that I've accumulated over the past few years.

Have about 3,600 Documentaries, Movies, One-offs, TV Shows and Specials saved outside of the Channels DVR environmet.

Using Channels DVR, I either watch&delete or save recordings outside of Channels DVR after cutting adverts.

I don't keep them in Channels DVR where I recorded them until it becomes a Media Management System Media Management

At that point I would welcome a way to search my media, but for now it wouldn't help me personally.

I understand many others have a large library of recordings in Channels DVR.

Is this one making its way onto the list for development? I've got over 3,000 recordings and this is the biggest pain point... not being able to search the library.

If you do end up doing this, the ability to search on show/movie name, episode name, and description, it would be awesome. For example, my wife watches a lot of Dr. Phil and she might want to find the episodes we've recorded that have to do with addiction so she might search on "dr phil addiction". Or, I like drag racing and I might want to search on "summernationals" and would get recordings of the race and qualifying.

Channels 4.0 for tvOS and iOS added search results for Movies and TV Shows. This will make its way to Android as well. It does not return results for episodes.

It did? I have tried and didn't think it was returning things I expected. I'll try testing it again. What exactly is it searching in the recordings (title, description, genre, etc.)? Searching episodes would really help with big libraries.

I didn't scroll down far enough to see it below the upcoming stuff. Looks like its just using title primarily. This is good... didn't realize it was there.