Add deeplinks to purchased Itunes content

I have a lot of purchased movies in itunes, vudu and so on. I have used other apps which include deep links to movies on the above services, so if I click the Matrix it opens in itunes and so on.

As a workaround, I have added a 3-second video as a movie in my Channels Library which tells me which store I purchased the movie from (not all are Movies Anywhere).

What I would like as a feature is the ability to add a link to a purchased movie in an external store, the movie would appear in the Library section of the app in the Channels App amongst the recorded content and any ripped movies I have also imported. The Watch button would open the link, and therefore the relevant app and I would be able to play the movie.

That would be pretty cool. I would envision it as a way to add something to the Library with a title and link, vs. via a video file. It could then use the title you put in to grab the cover art and such.

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Can ANY app that plays local files actually do what you are asking Channels to do?

Not that I am aware of.

The WatchAid app deep links TV shows to various apps including the iTunes Store, so it would be feasibly possible.

In WatchAid you do have to subscribe to a show though, it does not scan your purchased season passes.

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I've added a way to do this in the latest prerelease + testflight: Experimental: Movie deep-links via imported .strmlnk files

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+1 for TV Show support as well!!!

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