Additional Storage Locations for Channels DVR Recordings


Thanks the below worked for me on the WDPR4100... that gives me an extra 5TB of storage to move recordings I want to keep. … :smiley::smiley:

$url = ""

$payload = '{"ExtraPaths":"/mnt/USB/USB1_e2/TVREC/"}'

Invoke-RestMethod -Method Patch -Body $payload -uri $url


Can I view a movie that is stored on a different drive than where I am recording on Nvidia shield?


If you are talking about through the Channels interface, only if Channels recorded the movie and still has a reference to the recording in its database.

As has been stated many times, you cannot import arbitrary movies/recordings into Channels. It is a TV DVR and maintains its own database of recordings. It allows you to view live TV and recordings that it has made itself. Nothing else.


How do you do multiple ExtraPaths? I now have recordings in three different locations, one local, one on the backup and since that is full another backup but I can't get the new backup location to work.

nm I had my syntax wrong it should have been: