Advanced pass: Time 'less than' not an option, why?

Just curious why there is no 'less than' option for Time based tags in advanced passes? There is ==, !=, contains, and >, but no < (less than).

I have the use case where I'd like to record episodes of a syndicated show that is played all day long, but I only want those played in the morning. There doesn't seem to be any way to record shows before/less than 12pm, as an example.

I don't think greater than works with time either. Only contains is implemented.

Less than support is on the roadmap.

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I'd like to put in a request for timeframes, like 2000 : 2300 to capture times between 8:00pm and 11:00pm. As it stands, to create a rule like that you need 3 separate rules.

(I guess a better way to phrase it is to say: I would like to allow multiple logical operators for creatng rules.)

In the latest DVR pre-release, you can use Time CONTAINS AM to record morning-time airings only.

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I just returned back to the release version. Any timeline on when this change will be officially released?

We've added LESS THAN in the latest pre-release build.