An easy way for Channels DVR to watch YouTube Live vids

Still loving the Kister Method, one of my favorite use cases is setting up Channels as a jukebox of some favorite YouTube Live streams (lo-fi music, in this example.) I realize this is a niche case but maybe others are interested to learn from it. And if there's a reason this happens, perhaps it can be addressed. Anyway, when I first set these up as custom channels, everything works perfectly and the display even includes the proper emoji in the descriptions:

Then, I'll notice, some days later, that all emojis are lost and it's just some odd characters in its place.

I'm not sure what triggers it to display properly again, sometimes a reboot, but not always.

Anyway, not a big deal but certainly curious, as it does display nicely at first. And everything else about it works amazingly well, and quickly. Super slick, thanks again @jkister!

Also here is the URL for some of the 24/7 music livestreams included above, for use as the Custom Channel, if it inspires any.,c=60005&v=bLlloaA4b4g,c=60006&v=WIU-A596KKU,c=60007&v=@thebootlegboy2,c=60008&v=8YA825ZNAIE,c=60009

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Looks like this response header:

Content-Type: application/; charset=ISO-8859-1

It would be preferable if the contents were served up as UTF-8



Wow! Amazing. I’m so grateful. This exchange made my day. Thank you both. Rock stars!

Unfortunately I've noticed this problem has returned, there's unicode characters appearing again. And it's intermittent, sometimes the emoji appear properly, although I can't discern a pattern of when or why. No big deal, not worth spending time debugging. I still recognize these channels by their thumbnails. But just wanted to share in case others find similar issues with emojis in their shows' descriptions in the future.

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Just wanted to say Thanks again for creating and sharing this.
I've been using this and hlstube side by side for four months and when hlstube fails (couple times/month), your method always continues working on the same feed.

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Do you have a Donation or Buy Me a Coffee link?


Thanks- the likes on this thread are good enough :slight_smile:


Finally got a chance to play with this over the weekend. Very cool stuff!

Because I’m notoriously typo prone, I decided to create an iOS Shortcut that will transform a YouTube Live link into a Kister url and copies it to the Clipboard.

It’s working great for just a basic url without specifying channel or other parameters but I’m thinking of adding that capability. It also occurs to me that that this would probably be possible with a Google Sheet with some formulas (Replace/Substitute) & you could have drop-downs to choose some of the parameters.


Is there a way to string multiple together using @UserName like you can with video ID. I tried adding the & symbol between two. It didnt quiet work out. The example URL i was trying is . Or is linking to the @UserName can I only do 1 per source? Or to get multiples going do I need to make it a m3u file.
I figured I would try to get clarification before i spend a lot of time.

Should work if you Add a v= after that & sign and before the second username


Awesome. Ill try making some playlist tonight.

Why doesn't this live channel work:

Hmm, to test this out, I just added this channel, and it's working for me. Not sure why it isn't working for you. Anyone else?

What is "429 Too many requests" error I am getting?
Simply had to turn off vpn. Working fine now.

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@jkister Want to thank you again for creating this.
I use it 15+ times/week and it works flawlessly.

Just gave hlstube the boot as it has become unreliable lately with 403 Forbidden errors on the same source that your method works perfectly on.


Should this livestream work? It has some special ascii characters in the title. Maybe it is puking on that. Also the description is super long. The error is Could not fetch playlist:

:red_circle:LIVE Plane Spotting at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - YouTube

That's not a livestream anymore, it's a recording. The Kister Method only works with YouTube live videos.

Thanks for bringing this up. I've been having HLSTube issues for weeks and hadn't thought much about it, but setting up the Kister Method seems to have alleviated all of that!

That said, one of thing I liked with the HLSTube method was naming the stations and giving them custom logos. Is there any way to do that with the Kister method?

Example Comparing HLSTube vs. Kister Stations