Android Freeze

I'm using an Android phone and select "On Now", then I pick any channel, then WATCH.
I'm connected via local WiFi which speed tests at 99 Mips.
The show plays for about 60 seconds and then the screen freezes and never unfreezes.
I have the speed set to 720P 4Mbps.
I'm running a Galaxy S5 with Android 6.01 (rooted).
Any idea what I can look at?

Streaming Quality should be set to Original if you're at home.

Are you able to leave the player and submit diagnostics, or is the whole app crashed?

Additional information: When I play a recording, there was no problem.

I am testing "Original" option now. It has not locked up in the first 3 minutes..
The app does not crash, but I don't now how to submit diagnostics from the Android.

The "Original" setting seems to have fixed it, But I don't see why you can't elect to use less bandwidth.


TVE is already lower bandwidth than any OTA stream. Reducing the bitrate even further requires transcoding the signal... which places additional demands on the CPU in your DVR. Your limitation is an issue caused by your own DVR hardware.

You can try updating the DVR to the latest pre-release which has some transcoder improvements. To update, click and hold the Check For Update button.

When you select a lower quality, the video has to go through your DVR PC and get re-compressed into the smaller file before being sent to your phone. There's more pieces involves and more opportunities for failure.

I had a failure using cell data stream at 0.7 Mbps. I then upgraded to the new version and the problem went away. I guess I should be thinking about a faster computer.

Thanks for the fix.