Android TV 3.5.0 stability

(Android TV 10 (QTS1.210311.005.7231359); Channels DVR 3.5.0; Google Chromecast with Google TV)

Perhaps it is because I have my main Channels client on external adopted storage, but the 3.5.0 release of Channels for Android TV has been far more unstable than any release I recall. I usually have a full app crash at least once a day (but sometimes as many as 5 or more times). Also, I have noticed that less-than-perfect TVE streams cause more problems than in the past with the video player freezing/crashing. (This is usually caused by missed segments, or timestamp issues at commercial boundaries; but whichever the cause, the effect on the client is worse with the current release version that previous releases.)

Is this a known issue, or is my experience unique? I have submitted diagnostics from the app when I remember, but they don't encompass the full experience. If this is a known-and-addressed issue, I would be willing to put the main device on a beta release of the client until a new stable is available with the fix, but that isn't my first choice. Mostly I'm just curious if I am the only one noticing lack of stability with the current "stable" release.

The crashes I'm seeing from your user are fixed in the beta AFAICT


Thanks for the head's up.

The picture-in-picture is problematic and has caused crashes for me on both the beta and non-beta.

Too unreliable and needs usability tweaked to be truly useful so I've disabled for now.

We're releasing 3.5.1 today with the stability fixes.