Android TV (ATV) becoming Google TV (GTV)?

Good idea. Cause see here and else where on many fours, folks use ATV to mean Android TV.
But many Apple uses do ATV term as well to mean Apple TV.
Its confusing.

Makes much more sense to call it GTV.
After all they have Gsuite and all their products are often G something.

Didn't Google tv fail years ago?

Inst Google TV and Android TV the same thing? I have never heard of Google TV before.

Its just a rename. Like Project Fi is now Google Fi.

It was around from 2010 to 2014

I like that they're changing to a more content based view instead of app based on the home screen.

where are u reading that?

I hope they don't change the app home screen...cause THAT is the APP HOME SCREEN.
not the home page to land bast the content that the apps have in then.

I freaking hate that, if you have the YouTube app installed, on occasion, the freaking thing will just force 3 Content bars on the App home Screen, one this COVID19 preparedness bar full of crap I don't want to watch, and other News junk.
Despite my multiple removal of these YT content bars, they force them back after a month or so.

I agree the Launcher on the Nvidia Shield is kinda...meh. too much horizontal scrolling. I liked the way Roku has thier app home screen a bit better. I know I can always use a different launcher, but prefer just to stick to stock for stability.
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Play next or aggregated content is fine INSIDE the specific app, but not on the home screen of the device it self.

Just like my android phones home screen page, i have my apps i frequent open and use, i dont want the streaming apps to show aggregate Up Next or Continuing watching ## episode on my home screen which is meant to show my apps, or be a app switcher interface.

That's the way the new TiVo Stream 4K is going to work. It uses a Stream 4K app on the AndroidTV (soon to be GoogleTV?) home screen.

Finally got mine ... hate the remote ... had a usb hub laying around that I used for DEX worked great with power passthrough. Gonna try the FLIRC with it.... added 64 GB Flash Drive ... below is the hub I used .. NIC also worked.

Follow-up FLIRC works great with it all channels functionally works. Using the latest FLIRC firmware posted by @tmm1.

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