Any chance for Pluto TV as a provider

Not sure if this is even possible technically or legally, but has there been any thought given to adding Pluto TV as a provider for TVE? There are a few channels in there I would love to add to my Channels line up.

Thanks for all the hard work!!


I'll second that!

Wow! Looks like they have over 200 channels.
Any easy way to see a list of the channels?
Kinda hard scrolling through their list in a tiny window at the bottom of the site.

I thought you'd been around here awhile?
Right above your post from 35 minutes ago it says;
This is the first time MacBrain has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

If that's true, then welcome (I could be confusing you with someone else or maybe saw your username on another forum)

I was actually thinking about this as well. Nothing wrong with the pluto tv interface but having it integrated to channels would be pretty cool. Not sure how likely this would be though