Any solutions yet for Bally Sports channels?

As a St. Louis Cardinals fan, it was a bitter pill losing Fox Sports / Bally Midwest earlier this year. Tempered a bit by the fact the Cards have been so mediocre this year. But now that they are back in the NL Wildcard hunt it's really killing me :tired_face::sweat_smile:

I've been following the forums, but just wondering if there's been any developments I may have missed?

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Ha! :rofl: I appreciate a good ole "Let Me Google That For You" post when I see it :smirk:

Yes I did see that post. Was just posting here in case anybody had come up with any (creative?) solutions to get the Bally Sports channels into Channels DVR...

Afraid not. Iโ€™ve had to use their terrible app or the equally terrible HDHomeRun app.

For the Rays games on Bally with a PC and Harmony remote, it is actually a good experience. During the live broadcasts, there are limited commercials, you can time shift and use the remote to skip forward and back.

The replays are even better. Zero commercials. Remote still works for skipping forward and back but isn't needed since commercials are edited out.

Picture is better than previous Fox Sports version that allowed Channels DVR to record, especially for fast moving hockey watching the Lightning.

Get the single team mlbtv package and then use the mlb docker container for channels dvr. Bonus is there are no commercials at all while watching a game :blush:

Ok, while not technically a solution for Bally Sports channels, this does sound like exactly the type of creative solution I was hoping for when I posted. :+1::slight_smile:

Not knowing anything about or the "mlb docker container" you mention, I've gone to start looking into this, and first thing I notice is it looks like the website is about as brain dead as pretty much everything else MLB has tried to do in the past 10 years or so. :smirk: I don't see any mention of a "single team" package, and subscription information in general is scarce other than the initial page that just offers a $26.99 yearly subscription for "EVERY team's out-of-market games". That seems awfully cheap for a whole year of access to all teams. I can't imagine there would be an even cheaper "single team" subscription. :thinking: These big media companies aren't THAT altruistic. :laughing:

Anyway, I cannot find a detailed comparison of different subscription options anywhere. I checked the Help Center, and the relevant articles under "Subscription Access" simply link back to that same page that offers $26.99 subscription for access to all teams. :man_facepalming:

Ok, so I've signed up for the free trial of the aforementioned $26.99 all-team yearly subscription. No harm there since it's a free trial, however I do wonder how many hoops I will have to jump through to cancel the trial if this doesn't work out. :sweat_smile:

Now off to research the "mlb docker container"... :crossed_fingers::slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, so I've got the MLB.TV for Channels docker container up and running and the custom channel source added in Channels DVR and it seems to be working. There are no games on currently, but the channels are showing in the guide, with guide data, and the streams do start playing, I just get the "stream is currently off-air" message.

This is really cool. Thanks for the suggestion, @slampman :+1:

PS I still can't believe the price is only $26.99 a year for access to all teams. I can only assume this is a pro-rated price given the season is nearly over. Still can't find the single-team subscription price...

Yes, I believe if you subscribe at the start of the season itโ€™s between $100 and $150 maybe?

Thanks for the info. Seems like subscription info should be readily available and easy to find on the MLB.TV website :man_shrugging::smirk: