Anyone have experience with xteve?


Xteve is a 'proxy' that claims to make IPTV streams look like an HDHomeRun tuner on the network. I've yet to get it working, since the documentation is non-existent and between one provider for IPTV and another for XMLTV, there are a few moving parts that need to line up.

I was wondering if anyone else here had tried using it with Channels DVR, and if they were successful?

  • Paul


Hey. Did you ever manage to get this working? Trying myself now and xTeVe seems to be pretty steep learning curve!


No, I didn't. Turns out that Channels needs a better emulation of an HDHomeRun device than Xteve provides. Apparently Plex is much less demanding and the Xteve developer only implemented enough to make Plex happy.

I did come across another developer who claims to have prototyped a more complete emulation, which may work for Channels too. I haven't contacted him yet, though.


Thanks for the info man!