Anyone have experience with xteve?


Xteve is a 'proxy' that claims to make IPTV streams look like an HDHomeRun tuner on the network. I've yet to get it working, since the documentation is non-existent and between one provider for IPTV and another for XMLTV, there are a few moving parts that need to line up.

I was wondering if anyone else here had tried using it with Channels DVR, and if they were successful?

  • Paul


Hey. Did you ever manage to get this working? Trying myself now and xTeVe seems to be pretty steep learning curve!


No, I didn't. Turns out that Channels needs a better emulation of an HDHomeRun device than Xteve provides. Apparently Plex is much less demanding and the Xteve developer only implemented enough to make Plex happy.

I did come across another developer who claims to have prototyped a more complete emulation, which may work for Channels too. I haven't contacted him yet, though.


Thanks for the info man!


Has there been any progress with anyone getting xteve to work with Channels? I love the channels app waaayyy more than Plex but would love to get my xteve proxy channels into it as well.


Hopefully Channels will never allow streams from pirated sites. They do have streams from TV everywhere apps. If you are legit use them.


I believe the xteve dev has a version which works with Channels, however this is not something we plan to support officially.


Entirely understandable that you wouldn’t want to support Xteve officially - that’s the responsibility of its developer. If it accurately emulates the HDHomeRun API, I wouldn’t expect it to pose a problem for Channels DVR (famous last words... :wink:

Is the version of Xteve that supports Channels DVR available publicly? Or is it still a work-in-progress?


In recent versions of Channels, we've simplified our HDHR integration and rely on less of their api. I think you can simply add your xteve or Telly into the Channels app by clicking Add Source. The video feeds should show up, but guide data will not work. I haven't tested with Channels DVR.

We are not interested in supporting shady IPTV providers, but if you have a legitimate use for m3u integration please send me a private message with more details on your use-case.