Apple TV 4K


I think I’m seeing black crush in 1080P SDR on 1080P TV. Anyone else? I needed to go up a few points on the brightness level but still doesn’t quite look correct.


Comparing my Apple TV 4K to my Apple TV 4 playing the same content in 1080p SDR I didn’t notice any difference in black levels, contract, colors, anything. I tested it by having them both on different inputs and just switching back and forth in different scenes to compare and contrast. No black crush or anything, and my OLED likes highlighting stuff like that ha.


I have my ATV4K set for 4K HDR. I do notice that Netflix in 4K and iTunes Movies in 4k look way better than broadcast stations converted from 1080i or 720p.


1080 content from streaming services use h.264, 4k uses hevc, and broadcast uses mpeg2.

The former codecs tend to upscale wayyyy better than mpeg2. I’d even say, that’s one of their best features.

mpeg2 is just an old old codec.


Swiping down to Favorites while watching content used to land on a show logo…now it goes right pass that and lands on the record option. Anyone else?


I’ve noticed this too.

It’s very weird because we did nothing to change this, and it actually used to do it previously as well. It just wasn’t as sensitive. Now it happens every time, even if you’re careful.


Looking for ideas on an audio issue with Channels/ATV4K/LG OLED55E7. Everything is set up and working fine, except I can’t get the audio to sync with the video when using channels. The audio and video sync fine with DIRECTV NOW and Netflix ATV apps, but Channels is out of sync. Direct feed on coax from Verizon FiOS is also fine. I have Dolby ATMOS turned off, which I know has caused issues for other E7 owners. Ideas welcome.


Well, the 1080 upconverted still looks good. Just after watching 4k, it just doesn’t seem quite as good anymore. I think that the prevalent availability of free/cheap 4k HDR content on the new Apple TV is going to be a catalyst for the content creators to offer more 4k. This might be partially achieved with more streaming availability. All of the new movies are coming out in 4k, along with the original Netflix shows, Amazon shows, Youtube, iTunes, etc. But the broadcasters are going to have to upgrade their transmissions to stay relevant. It has to happen, or broadcast is going to die. And we are going to have to upgrade our HDHRs… which is too bad, but worth it. And Channels may need to support some new video codecs.


ATSC 3.0 already has a spec. It’ll be some time before it’s used by broadcast though.


Thanks for the link. It looks like ATSC 3.0 is already OTA in South Korea and will be deployed by US broadcasters by 2019. It really isn’t that far away.


It’s true. It goes fast. Channels is two years old this fall. Crazy!


I was using the native Video app on my Bravia to play 2160p films I had on a NAS, now I’m running them through infuse on the ATV4K and wow. My favs for colour and clarity are Enders Game and Pacific Rim. The main action sequences now are absolutely stunning. This is the box they should or released 2yrs ago!


I have the 4K UHD disc for that and I have it on iTunes… It was the first 4K movie I played in iTunes and it was glorious. I’m done with discs lol.


But are you earning a living from it yet? You deserve to be.


Infuse is handling hevc inside mkv ok? I tried vlc last night and it was dyingggg. I assume it’s decoding HEVC in CPU. I would have assumed Infuse is too, unless it’s doing tricks to use AVPlayer when it knows it can. But the app hasn’t been updated in a while, so I figured they weren’t using AVPlayer for HEVC.


Their recent beta plays the HEVC Test files I have great, even the 200Mbps HEVC 10bit Jellyfish Test files (all mkv). HDR metadata doesn’t get extracted/passed so the colors are considerably muted for the LG/Samsung HDR HEVC Test files I have.


Ah, beta. Ahh that explains it. I guess that will hit the store soon.

Stinks about the HDR stuff tho :confused:

I’ve been playing around with getting these to work and have had mixed results. It seems like my 10 bit videos are the ones not playing. You do confirm though, that 10 bit files are playing? Also, i’m playing direct and/or HLS. Where Infuse is handling all kinds of things with the de/re-mux.


I’m not on any beta, and my infuse is playing everything perfectly, even files my Bravia couldn’t play on the native Video app. I’m yet to find anything that won’t run and I’ve got about 45UHD flicks on my NAS.


However, quite sure here was a small update a week or two ago as I remember reposting it on Twitter.


Support for HEVC was addd in update 5.5.2. h.265 4K plays lovely. HDR support is coming soon.