Appreciation Tipping Added

For years, many of you all have asked if there was a way to donate, tip, or any other way to toss us some more money in appreciation of our support.

As humble developers, we always thought this was silly as you're already paying for a service. Nevertheless, you have still kept asking. So we've gone ahead and added a way for you to do this.

You can now toss us an Appreciation Tip via your Channels account page or right from the Account portion of the User navigation here on Community. Just click on your avatar, and click the user icon to find the link.

Additionally, you can find it here.

We obviously do not expect this, but we certainly appreciate it. We love our community and love interacting with it. Thanks for everything you do.

- @maddox, @tmm1, @eric


I just have to comment that it is stuff like this that keeps me in the Channels ecosystem. While there are things about Plex and Emby that I prefer (mostly visual) I will easily work with the current setup in Channels just because you guys are upfront when you don't plan to implement something but are willing to work with your users to implement new functions when you can.

I just wanted to say I really appreciate this aspect of the software.


I was hoping Fancy Bits will be putting an order for a personal jet soon -


I am glad you all added this. I know I had previously reached out about donations. I like supporteing online content creators. Usually that means youtube video makers and a few independent journalist. But I am glad to extend that to my favorite software developers.

I sincerely hope the three of yall make enough money on Channels to each be able to afford a Ferrari as your "backup car" and a Jet as your "Primary" car. This software is so awesome and yall go above and beyond most software devs by listening to the incomprehensible demands and rants your users make. Heck. . .Yall deserve a Jet just for dealing with me. lol.

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Although I may not tip, I did just upgrade my sub to the yearly plan as I was "skeptical" at first if the service would be worth a yearly sub. In addition and better than a tip, I have also turned a couple of my buddies onto your software and they are now sub's as well and will continue to spread the word.

Indeed it is and I am happy to see the sub $$ going towards future development and bug fixes. Everyone is very response when submitting a support email, the community overall is helpful. Thanks for all that you do to keep this app working in top condition. It is appreciated by folks when you stand behind what you sell, not just throw it out there as a "one and done" app as I have seen others do before. Keep up the great work!


I just sent the developers a little tip in appreciation of all the features they are adding, and specifically for two features that I requested recently: