Asked for Stable upgrade, got latest Beta instead?

After some recent downtime on my DVR Server machine, I requested the latest Stable release from the Status page. I got v2023.08.18.2036, which isn't listed as Stable in the DVR pre-release notes.

2023/08/18 16:40:26.900062 [SYS] Shutting down for upgrade from v2023.08.07.2138 to v2023.08.18.2036

Further requests for current Stable say up to date. What am I missing?

There was a looming big issue with Gracenote that the CDVR developers spotted early and fixed before guide data ran out for everyone. Follow the ongoing adventure here:

I'm not saying this is the explanation in your case. But it might be related, I dunno...

The release notes hadn't been published yet. They are now.