ATSC 3.0 and DRM Transition: A Historical Perspective

While I don't doubt that the drop in viewship was a factor, the bigger one is the current WGA and SGA-AFSTRA strike. All networks lack content and need to fill their airwaves with something!

Enjoy anything while you can! This gramophone ain't gonna last forever! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

ATSC 3.0 Lighthouse launched in NYC this week. 6 channels, 3 already encrypted (WCBS, WNBC, Telmundo)

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Might as well be shopping/informercials channels at that point. What a waste of space :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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That wouldn't affect me much. I use OTA primarily for sports, and the 630pm nightly news. The sports part is very important to me though.

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Agree! With the demise of the Regional Sports Networks, OTA for local sports may be making a comeback. At least in certain markets. D-Backs games are back on free TV.

Don't count on that lasting.

Interesting article about that.

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Seems two teams might be considering that, and it's risky, the vast majority are going to go to streaming plans that are going to cost the viewers likely more than they're used to paying.

I can live without my local hockey and baseball team broadcasts. The only team I really care to watch is the football team and they have always been available on OTA channels. Even when on MNF or TNF, they are simulcast locally.

Looks like Zapperbox got the DRM support now. So...that increases the ATSC 3 DRM DVR support to TWO. Yay :yum::rofl:

Exactly. I'm expecting to no longer be a sports fan in 6-7 years.

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You have a link ? that they now support DRM recording ?

Ok Appears no recording yet ... as far as the HDHomeRun devices NICK stated the hold up is because it does not connect directly to a TV. I am sure glad they removed DRM in Portland OR area.

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Have you guys at Channels been in any kind of discussions with Silicon Dust or the ATSC 3 people on how to create a shared DRM chain between network tuners with third party software? Is that even going to be possible?

Don't let the Media Cartel find out about it if it does exist.


Answer here:


Is it possible to quote the post here. SD forums require you have account and login to read.

Wouldn't do any good. That old thread is gone and they started a new one (which you can view without logging in) Encryption - Silicondust

If you look at the post on this forum he pointed to, it has a screenshot.

Or what I do is click the down arrow here to view the post without jumping to it.

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