Automatically replacing lower resolution recordings

I love to record nature programs etc here in the UK. Unfortunately - only a handful of the channels are HD quality. A recent recording was on a particularly low-resolution channel - and I was wondering - will Channels DVR record an HD version should one come up in the guide in future? These nature programs are regularly repeated on HD channels - so will Channels ignore the HD repeats seeing as they are in my library - or replace them? I would of course like them replaced. I realise that Channles will chose a HD recording over a SD recording when they are both on at the same time. This is not my question. I migrated from Plex livetv to Channels - and there is no comparison with all features in my mind - however there was an option on Plex that I miss - which was to "replace lower resolution recordings with HD". Thanks in advance

There is currently no option to do this, I don’t believe.

Manually, you can schedule a rerecording of the same recorded episode. On the web UI guide, find the higher quality episode and click on it. It should show as "Recorded" in a lower right box. Click on Recorded and then click the "Mark as not recorded." Now click to record. Both episodes recorded will be available so you might need to check the record date. Not how I would prefer Channels to operate -- I would like the option to record ALL episodes.

One favorite show is split into two parts by our local broadcaster with the same guide info. I have to wait until the first "part" is recorded and then "mark as not recorded" on the second "part." It works.

One impediment to this is that TVE and Locast feeds are seen as "HD", even if the feed really isn't.

If this is ever added I hope they allow one to turn it off, like Plex.
Besides what racameron mentioned, what if the guide data is wrong and it ends up recording something you didn't expect.