Back button fails with Harmony using Bluetooth

As I said earlier, use the Normal Apple TV profile and the Beta profile as an extra just for Sleep and Recent apps.

It's not convenient for me to the the normal profile since I don't easily have IR line of sight.

The Apple TV doesn't have

You can find it by searching the network, then redo your activity ans use the AppleTV as the main in the activity and the Beta will just be part of the activity.

jpblanch, I'm not sure if you're correct. I believe the Harmony Apple TV profile works over IR exclusively. To use BT you need to use the Harmony Beta or Harmony Pro BT profiles which need to pair the Harmony as a BT keyboard.

It does not. I am using it myself personally. Go in to add devices and scan your network. It uses IP to control it. BT uses the Beta for the keyboard function.

I'm exhibiting a similar behavior. It happened only since I've upgraded Apple TV to 13.4. The back button works in some areas of the Channels app, but it fails to work when I'm watching live TV. This results in no way for me to return to the guide. If I'm in the Guide and I want to go back to the top menu, the back button works then. If I'm viewing my upcoming recordings and want to go back to the Guide, it fails. It's just odd that in some areas of the app it works and others it doesn't work. Could this mean that Apple changed something in 13.4 and now the Channels app is experiencing this bug?

The Apple TV absolutely does have an IR sensor. I have used IR-only remotes with it in the past. Here’s further confirmation:


I think it’s even possible the Apple remote has an IR blaster in it but I haven’t had time to verify that yet.

It doesn't use IP. That's one of the commonly known issues with ATV.

Exact same issue as me. Come to think of it, it happened after the upgrade. Weird that the other ATVs in my home are all upgraded too and work fine.

Yes it does, and this exactly how you set it up. I added the beta as a device manually after.

This started with 13.4, I get the beta releases. The fix is to add the Apple TV as I posted above.

So the Bluetooth profile is broken when using with tvOS 13.4? Ugh.

I’m going to be very upset about this. Using Bluetooth is the only way to get the harmony remote responsive. It’s great. The IP and IR methods are super laggy and feel terrible on the Apple TV.

The secret Bluetooth profile is the best kept secret. I’m not sure why it’s so secret.

It sounds like maybe some Of the new keyboard changes in iOS 13.4 might have messed this up as that’s how the Bluetooth profile works. It appears as a keyboard to the Apple TV.

I completely agree. I've used the bluetooth profile because it's the most responsive. I happen to notice that Harmony updated the name of the profile they want you to use. It's now called BT Apple TV 4. Has anyone used the new profile to see if it helps? I plan on replacing my old device with this new device this evening to give it a try.

Back works fine on the guide screen and when you bring up quick guide, the weird thing is it only happens while watching a channel. And again works fine in other apps

It was worse, it wouldn't work at all in the beginning. Now it only doesn't work when stopping the stream.

I'm using the IP and it isn't laggy as all. It's no different than the Beta Profile honestly.

But I digress.... No one cares about what I think.

Good catch..... I redid my setup using "Harmony Pro BT AppleTV" and everything works again without using the Beta or the IP AppleTV profile.


I had the same experience last night. I reconfigured my Harmony to use the new "Harmony Pro BT Apple TV 4" device profile and now my remote is working again. I hope this helps anyone else that may have had issues using the Bluetooth profile.

I'm not on 13.4 on my basement TV, but I did just go to change something on the Harmony remote and it forced an update to the Harmony hub.

Afterwards, the back button feels way laggy. Way more than all the other buttons. It almost feels like 500ms of latency. I'm not sure if it's psychosomatic or what. Or if this is some kind of fix of theirs.

Just wanted to post my experience to see if:

  1. anyone else noticed this
  2. if this fixes the issue on 13.4

What I'm seeing is you can't press the back button fast multiple times or nothing happens. Other than that it works fine.

I'm experiencing the same issue. I'm on tvOS 13.4, updated Harmony Hub, new BT Apple TV 4 device profile and the back button works but seems laggy. This is the only button that seems laggy to me. I'm not sure why it's laggy and who can fix it (Logitech vs Apple)? It's laggy in all apps so that rules out that it's a Channels app issue.