Backup configuration only

How is the best way to backup a "configuration", ie all setting but no recordings.

I'd like a way to save all source information (eg HDHR priority, favorites, mapping info), passes, "channel collections", and similar information that has a low change frequency. The goal is to be able to set up a "temporary" channels server (ie a desktop machine) should my normal server (ie a NAS) be unavailable for repair, etc.

Just trying to be ready for the unexpected (while keeping other household members happy).


Press the backup button and copy the Database folder which lives next to TV and Movies

That's far too easy. There must be a more complicated way.

And thanks for replying in less than 1 minute.


Check out my comprehensive experience of returning from a catastrophic failure and some recommendations for making the backup process even easier than manually copying and pasting:

Is there a creative way to back up one channel mapping from a .m3u list / tier. Just a single list

I am testing some things and do not want to remap the channels to match with the epg guide info from channels. What files or folders I wish there was an export source including guide info and channel maps