Bartender Menu Bar App Mac



I use an app called Bartender to clean up my menu bar... unfortunately I cannot hide the Channels DVR menu bar icon (see screenshot)
I was wondering if this was something you guys can help with...

Thanks :hugs:


Never heard of this app and I'm not sure how it works. We use the standard macOS api for showing menu bar icons so I don't think there's anything we can change on our side.


I've had the same issue and Channels is the only app I have that doesn't work with Bartender. Been using Bartender a long time, and it's pretty awesome.


Long time Bartender user here but I don't have the DVR installed on any of my Macs. Have you tried any alternate text in the the "Text search name" field in the Bartender config? Not sure what this text might be but maybe the devs could comment...

Also, I'd ping Bartender support, too, if you haven't already... or [email protected]


I'd highly recommend contacting Bartender support as @teladog01 mentioned.


You can also tell the Bartender dev to contact me directly ([email protected]) if there are any questions about what we're doing, or with ideas on how we can be better compatible.


Thank you all for you suggestions and help! I have been in contant with Bartender and we have been exchanging quite a few emails. @tmm1 I have given them your email... :blush: