BETA: API & Feeds

Documentation for the Server API just went up.


Are Movie identifiers strings or numbers?

All the ids are strings

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I'm digging in and exploring, very cool stuff! Are the thumbnails for "videos" supposed to be the artwork for the "video groups" they are in? Or can they be the thumbnails that each video gets generated?

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I'm going to set them to thumbnails to match what's happening on tvOS.

Also, right now, uploaded art is broken in the API responses as they have no host name, they are just paths. This is how it works in Channels as the clients handle adding the host on to it since they know what they're communicating with. It's trickier with API responses, but obviously important, as the URLs will be useless to anything consuming the API data.

This was resolved in the latest pre-release.

Image upload URLs are full URLs now.

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Very cool stuff! :sunglasses:

It's great to be able to get a lot information related to recordings and video contents.

Would it also be possible to add information about channels and their sources?

I know you can get information about channels at but that's a lot to digest without any kind of filtering/sorting. Some API magic would help. :slight_smile:

Some channels are present in multiple sources and it would be cool to be able to look up one channel and see all the sources it is in. Just one example.

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There’s no plans for exposing channels or guide data in the api right now. It’s focused on your library contents.

Thank you for your reply. The fact that you said "right now" gives me hope for the future. I'm good with that. :grin:

Until then, I'll implement my own script for handling the data from the URL I mentioned. That will keep me busy and out of trouble. :laughing:


Great work on the documentation for the API's!

Is it possible to add the channel number that something was recorded from to the Recordings API for Episodes and Movies?
It currently appears under DVR > Manage > Movies&Shows and Library > Movies&TV Shows.

Sorry for late reply but I've been away.

Submitted: 93b20836-f228-4525-be4d-dc0ee88809fa

I have lots of videos. Running latest beta 2023.02.25.0726

Adding another datapoint for this issue of runtime error (nil pointer) when selecting JSON of all videos.


Selecting JSON output of a specific video group returns the correct JSON and no runtime error.



Please try this latest build and report back, thanks!

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Still fails with same runtime error on v2023.02.27.1402.

This is available in the latest pre-release

Are you getting results in the API response? What does the output Response say in the API Explorer?

OK, try this build. I think it will resolve it.

In looking at your diagnostics, you have 2 videos that have no GroupID, therefor, they can't fetch the group they are a part of. I'm not sure how this happened, but it's clearly some kind of bug. Nothing should have a nil GroupID

I'll DM you which videos are the problematic ones.

So, in looking at the problematic videos, it appears that they were missing GroupIDs because they were manual recordings. So we'll look into this more, but at least the problem with the API is resolved. Thanks for reporting it!

Thank You and my scripts thank you :smile:
My curl/jq scripts for Library and Job items are now functional with the new API.