BETA: Audio Only on iOS

:thinking: it should still work as usual. I’ll take a look. You can also double tap the skip buttons to skip ahead.

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@maddox ive been really enjoying audio only mode in car.
Today i noticed something weird.

I was using audio mode in my car, which is paired with Bluetooth to my iphone x. Listening to a sports talk station.

I turned off my car and left my phone in the car in a secret safe place while i went in to the gym for a workout. I do this all the time.

When bluetooth disconnects (when my car is shut off) the audio played on channels and other apps pauses automatically, as expected.

Today while was working out channels severely drained my battery. Down to 10%. While in the paused state. Ive never seen this one before, and im not sure if its audio only related but im posting it here because thats the mode i was using.

Can you submit diagnostics from the app?

@eric thanks for quick reply eric. Just submitted. Let me know if you need any further assistance

Could you give me an approximate time that you would have left your car and expected the audio to stop playing and when you would have started it again?

I'm worried that we may have missed the important parts in the logs. I only see the logs going back to 2022-05-25 11:46:02.

It was about 8:45am when bluetooth should have disconnected - car shut off.

When i got back to the car, around 10:30am or so, i noticed my phone was warm to the touch and battery drained

If the logs only went back to 11:45am then they are missing whatever was going on. The screenshots i included also show the battery drain event as reported on the iphone, with channels being the culprit.

I can continue using and see if i see this again, or if there is a specific test you need me to try out just let me know

Thanks eric