BETA: Chrome Capture for Channels

I tried this again this morning and its working perfectly.
No Idea why.....

Things like this drive me crazy.
I have it working with Showtime on Paramount +
Maybe the framerate of movies is more agreeable.
I will try some sports later and see if that is what I am seeing.

Thanks again!

How do you get Peacock to default to Volume On? It always starts Muted for me.

I have the same issue.

I have tried several things - it's strange that Peacock's web player would default to Mute. I can't figure out a good workaround. Was hoping someone here did.

Same issue on Yes Network Ive tried a few things BUT don't understand coding to force the Un-Mute button to be "clicked"

For those who need it, yes, this can be a solution for NFL Network:

Wonder if @tmm1 has a solution?

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So just my feedback on my experience thus far: I'm running this as the exe on an M1 Mac Mini with 8GB of RAM, and the streams start out great...but quickly devolve into stutters and stops. It makes for a poor watching experience. Has anyone had any luck optimizing things? Just wondering if it's something about my setup, or Chrome itself. Chrome is the latest version, FYI.

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@radioboy, sounds like we are both having same issue. I'm on Windows 11 and thought the latest Chrome v116 resolved my issues, but not. I thought it was fixed but after trying a few recordings, looks like they froze in the middle and never unfroze. I'm watching the stream on my PC and it seems to recover from the buffering fine. Just seems when it's launched in a sandbox from CC4C, it shudders and will freeze. I will test some more in the evening and see if there is more buffering to cause the freezing on my PC. Thanks.


i've added these to the args. (running manually via command line: node main.js)


not sure encode is necessary but can't hurt. decode has improved performance. definitely worth a shot if you have a gpu integrated or discrete... my opinion.


Anyone else having issues with Bravo does not play in chrome on my Channels DVR PC all other NBC channels load fine Just Bravo has a weird issue last few days.

Does anyone know if CC4C will work with Philo? I’d like to get some channels from this that don’t seem to work with TV Everywhere. It looks like you can access a link to individual channels in Philo, but that link takes you to a page that has a guide on top of live video playing in the background. Any help/assistance with any tricks or code would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hey team, I am trying to test this out for my Ubuntu server. Ive been reading for hours and have only gotten through about have the thread so I'm sure its in here somewhere already, BUT 3 questions

  1. Does this work on linux? or do I need to go back to Windows :frowning:
  2. Does this work with DTV Stream?

Can you please let me know how you got this to work on UBUNTU?

Mac and Windows.
Not sure about DTV Stream

The way DTVStream does its thing in a browser, I doubt you'd be able to get it to work. They don't expose their URLs on a channel-by-channel basis -- which you need to be able to do virtual tuning with cc4c. We do, however, have DTVStream working in the ah4c project -- you'd need an HDMI encoder though. See the androidhdmi-for-channels thread if you're interested.

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Hmmm. That seems odd. I am able to login to NBC's live stream using my DTVS login and can access live via this link and it seems to work just fine in my chromium browser.

So you're saying that can't work? Not trying to be rude just making sure I understand.


Yes, that works. I believe it's the streaming and capturing of channels via the interface over at that poses the problem @bnhf was referring to...

Ok thanks. That's kinda what I thought. I'm not really trying to (currently) access anything from

Still a huge learning curve though since I want this to work on Ubuntu. I may just say screw it and go back to my windows 11 laptop that has been running CDVR stable as heck forever.

I really wish I could afford a new Mac mini right now :unamused:

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I'd suggest you'd be better off buying a multi-port HDMI encoder over a new Mac Mini. This cc4c extension is great, don't get me wrong, but if you can capture the output from a FireStick 4K Max (currently on sale for $27) or a Chromecast with Google TV 4K there's more scalability.

I use this extension, but my daily driver is a 4 port encoder with 4 Firestick 4K Max devices. All rack mounted and PoE powered, this setup delivers multiple streams without breaking a sweat. The horsepower required for this extension can be a challenge for a single stream, much less when you start considering multiple simultaneous.

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