BETA: Chrome Capture for Channels

I made an update to hide the scrollbars, that may help the sizing issues on Windows.

I will need to check on what's going on with Hulu tomorrow


oh okay.. I can edit it can't we?

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I have it mostly working in linux, but the NBC channels start paused and not fullscreen. I have pulled the latest version.

Am I the only one unable to get Chrome to open. The install seemed to go smooth. The Activity on the settings page shows it is trying to play cnbc and Weatherscan, but neither opens chrome on the server.

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What kind of server? Where is chrome installed?

Hm the code looks for the video and is supposed to full screen and play it. What do the logs output by the program say ?


Windows 10. I updated chrome. Standard installation and since it wasn't working, also installed the beta.

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What do the chrome capture logs say?

Is the chrome.exe located where it's looking?

Where are the capture logs?
Location is here:
C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
Do I look in "main.js"?
That seems to have the correct location.

Here is the "main.js"

else if (process.platform === 'win32') {
executablePath = 'C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe'
} else {

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When you run the node command it creates output. Those are the log messages

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The node main.js seems to have the correct path and is the same as the example you posted. I changed it to the beta chrome path, and I still can't get it to open. Thanks.


I seem to be missing something here. I have built everything exactly as suggested in this thread. My custom channels are

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="cnbc",CNBC
#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="weatherscan",Weatherscan

I am getting a "Chrome Capture server listening on port 5589" message.
When I go to watch one of those channels from the guide it just says "starting..." and "reconnecting..."
Nothing else is appearing after the listening message.

Am I missing a step here.

BTW: I have also tried out the pre built chrome-capture-for-channels-win-x64.exe which is doing exactly the same thing.

Update dvr to prerelease

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Thanks. That was a rookie mistake on my part. I should have known better. Always make sure to install the pre-release.

I think my issue with chrome was it was being blocked by the network. I finally got a prompt to allow access and chrome opened fine. I went to the new github page and got Chrome Capture server from there and ran it. My PC might be too slow, but at least it opened chrome.

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My Channels dvr is on my Synology and im using a windows PC on the same network.
The system lets me add the channel but it isn't connecting to the source was trying to play a Philo channel through channels.
i'm using Teamviewer to remote access the system.
if i turn on computer sound, i can hear audio from Chrome. no video
What am i missing?

Since I was waiting during a maintenance window took an additional look and simply needed to add "waitForVideo = false" for each of my Hulu streams

switch (name) {
      case 'weatherscan':
      case 'windy':
        waitForVideo = false
      case 'boomerang':
        waitForVideo = false
      case 'bet_her':
        waitForVideo = false

I've got the container running on my synology.
I'm wondering how to make it capture the streaming.
I'm probably looking at the URL method.
Looking for a way to insert a log in to a paid service.
Looking forward to any input.

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Has anyone tried both this and HDMI for Channels, who can compare them? Can this be used with a service like YouTube TV to change channels, or does it have to stay on one channel/stream? Can it be used as a source to watch multiple channels on different clients, or just one at a time?

I have tried them both and there are a few rough edges (at least from my perspective) that needs ironing out. Each time the NBC site is launched I am forced to verify provider so at least for now its not fully automated. HDMI for channels has been chucking along nicely.

EDIT: I'll try with HULU this evening.