BETA: Library Collections section on tvOS/iOS

We've created a new section for Library Collections that let you browse all of them in one place. You can navigate directly to it from Library or put it in your sidebar like the other sections.

This new section works with Siri Shortcut actions and launching from the API.


give us an inch.... Could we have it where we can have a collection directly in the sidebar? Thinking in terms of WAF. It would be nice to be able to select "Home Shows" collection directly without having to go into library collections.

I've got 2 TV show collections which show in the TV show section but the UI is saying "There are no collections". Once I added a movie collection, it started displaying.

Great catch. I’ll handle having zero of one or the other.

Thanks for adding this feature. Now me and the wife can have easy access to our separate dvr's. Any idea when this might make it to the firetv beta?

This should be resolved in the latest TestFlight beta.

Available on android in beta: