BETA: Manage Recording Database

I do appreciate the quick fixes that have been coming out, but I'm perplexed on this one.

If I understand "Prune deleted" correctly. You delete a recording outside of Channels DVR and this will remove it from the database if the recorded file no longer exists.

I don't understand "or interrupted recordings".
There is no choice on the dropdown to select ONLY Deleted OR ONLY Interrupted recordings.
What does it do to Interrupted recordings, does it delete all your interrupted recording files from disk AND remove them from the database?

Are Delayed recording also affected by this, and if so, how?

Thanks for any clarification you can offer to un-perplex me :grin:

Click it and you will see. It launched a UI

Maybe I need a better icon to make if less scary

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Ahh, yes the trash can icon is scary, maybe add ... after Prune Recordings...
Or something like "Choose Recordings to Prune" so you know it leads to a selection menu.
Screenshot 2022-03-09 at 20-30-21 Channels Settings

Also, if the options to "Prune" Corrupted and Delayed actually deletes the recorded file from disk, I would want to know that. To me, "Prune" means just removing the database entry, not deleting the recorded file.
Maybe "Remove" is a better word than "Prune" in that case since we're not talking agricultural/horticultural pruning.

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Nice addition. Now I have to figure out why I have so many interrupted recordings from INSP on Frndly TV. :man_facepalming:

I think I'm still scared/confused about this.

I wanted to try it with just one record and not all of them, something I know I can test and undo if necessary. I'm a bit trepidatious about doing everything at once. I was under the impression from @chDVRuser that when I clicked Trash All I would actually get an option, but that didn't happen, so I restored from a back up I did a few minutes prior.

I think I have all the same questions, too.

  • If I do remove a database record, will the existing recording remain?
  • Does this mean if the record is removed that it will reschedule to record? If so, will the new file replace the old one or will both be there?
  • Can this be extended to all database records? Maybe I got a bad recording for whatever reason (like an unannounced schedule change) and want to try again but not have to manual schedule.

All it does it move the recordings into Trash.

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Is this possible. To (semi/fully) automatically delete and re-record interupted/failed recordings.

Ie: Rule that if a recording is marked interupted. It will search for another airing and re-record.

Oh, I think I had very different expectations from the description. But I agree with @Jay1987; I'd love to see some type of frontend access to the database, or something like "re-record". It does not have to be automatic, just something we can manually select if a recording goes arry for whatever reason.

I'm thinking it would be too difficult to automate a re-record due to conditions in the original pass and recording priorities. I would be happy with it being added in the location shown in this request below.

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