BETA: Support for Tablo tuners

IIRC, Tablo tuners are handled the same as other non-HDHR sources: all management of them is through the DVR, Channels essentially treats them as a Custom Channel or SAT>IP source.

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This has been working great so far, for me. God how I hate all Tablo native software. Channels is so so much nicer.

One issue, though. I had limited subchannels in the Tablo app (so only 11 of the 62 channels showed up). Channels only shows the stations that were enabled, and not the full lineup available to the Tablo (so in my case, 11).

I went into Tablo and enabled all 62 stations/subchannels, and reloaded the lineup for the Tablo in Channels (incidentally, it shows as a HDHomeRun on the cog label) and it still only shows 11 stations/channels.

I removed the Tablo and added it again. Same problem.

Anyone else having that issue?