Beta testing next Apple TV release


I have seen this too but I didn’t try to go back to the non-beta app to see if the issue existed there as well.


Yes it is an Nvidia card which I just updated so I could do hardware transcoding. But why would it need to do transcoding? If I use the current ATV release there isn’t any transcoding. I thought the difference between the apps was that the Computer or NAS was a “pass through” in the beta in order to share tuners.


Tuner sharing does not use transcoding.

Can you switch to regular app and see if you notice the same issues at all?


Will do this weekend and let you know. I just used the latest beta tonight and still saw some frame loss while watching a recording and I was not able to delete the show once finished.


Is tuner sharing going to be a configurable option when released?


It has been working perfectly for me recently. I have disabled transcoding on my Extends for best quality live stream and recordings on my home network. The recordings are flawless and the tuner sharing is seamless. It took a lot of work getting my antennas oriented to mitigate interference (I live among tall buildings in a city). But the software works great. No frame loss here.

I think users reporting the occasional fast-action scene/panning frame loss are experiencing a symptom of issues with network bandwidth or video compression/transcoding. A quick moving scene, bright flashes, panning, or scene changes require more bits as the whole frame needs to be refreshed, as opposed to something like a talk show where there isn’t much change from frame to frame (high compression).


Bug Report: Tuner sharing is not working again. Diagnostics were sent.


I’m seeing the same—tuner sharing not working. Watching channel 5.1 while it is also being recorded. Seeing tuner 0 being used on two different Extends. Same frequency and both with transcoding set to none.

Note: I was watching the pregame on that channel before the recording started. Later, seeing two tuners were being used, I exited viewing on AppleTV and selected the channel again—choosing “watch now”. Two tuners continued to be used.

DVR: 2017.04.06.0200 (BTW, no release notes)
AppleTV: 4.8.121


Ok did some testing with one section of a movie I had recorded. Using Gladiator there is a scene where the owner of the Gladiators is talking to the Spaniard about winning his freedom and the camera pans the wooden sword he was given. I would get intermittent frame loss using Channels Beta and current release. So to test I would go back about 30sec and watch the pan. Sometimes there would be frame loss, sometimes not. Using VLC on the computer it was recorded and repeating same test, no frame loss. On a laptop using VLC and the Web UI wireless, no frame loss. Using a computer wired similar to my living room ATV in my bedroom using VLC no frame loss. Using ATV in bedroom hooked up like my living room, intermittent frame loss. Using Plex on my living room ATV no frame loss. So there is something going on with ATV and Channels. I was able to get better results by taking off the auto resolution in settings and set it to 1080p @ 60hz. The Channels Beta appeared to do better with the change in settings than the current release. I know the channel recorded transmits in 1080i. Unfortunately I did not watch the show while recording, so I don’t know if I would have seen it while live. But I know it is not in the recording.


@TricBox was the Galdiator recorded from Cable or OTA? I am guessing that it was from cable and that your issue is somehow related with the way the ATV processes the heavily compressed video from the cable co.


Can you check the mediainfo for that recording? Find it in the web UI, then right click open on the preview image. Then change the end of the url from preview.jpg to mediainfo.json


@djcastaldo, yes it was over cable. @tmm1 I’ll give that a shot when I get home, but I do have a question. What am I doing when I change it from preview.jpg to mediainfo.json that effects the way the recording plays on ATV? I won’t have a chance to change it until later tonight. I’ll post when I have results.


There is no effect… mediainfo simply reports back more details about the recording like the audio/video formats. Send me the output via private message so I can understand better where the problem might be.


tuner sharing is still broken.


Tested today and its working for me. There is a known issue where the DVR does not yet combine tuners, so it may not work if the priority on different ATVs and DVR is not the same.


I am seeing more stuttering/audio drops during Live TV than ever before…both with the beta and current app. Not sure whats going on here. Nothing has changed with my network since the early days of initial setup (January). When I see/hear an issue, I pause, rewind, playback, and everything is fine.

Just ran into this again (couple of audio drop). This time it happened to be a show that I was also recording. Once again, pause, rewind, and play with no audio drops. Began viewing the recorded content on both the ATV and on my Mac with no issue. Any ideas?

Here’s another tidbit that I’ve observed… It tends to happen at the begin or ending of a segment… e.g… transition just before entering a commercial or broadcaster promo. Weird?

BTW, my signals from the Prima look good…

Signal Strength 100% (0.3 dBmV)
Signal Quality 100% (38.3 dB)
Symbol Quality 100%


Is it happening on H264 or MPEG2 channels?

Next time you notice it in the beta app, click Submit Diagnostics at the bottom of the Settings tab.


Will do… MPEG2 as I only have 1 channel in my entire lineup thats H264

EDIT: Just sent. Audio drop


I sent more diagnostics, but not sure what you get from that. Using two extends on ATV in same priority as DVR. Each HDHR has different channels favorited. Both DVR and ATVs have the Extend transcode set to none. But, any way I have tried it recently, the DVR takes two tuners. If all four tuners are used, a tuner not available message is displayed.

Tuner sharing used to work, although I was transcoding on the Extends the last time I observed it working. Or, possibly one of the beta updates broke this for Extend users. Either way, something is not working right.


Okay so it’s still going through the DVR, but it’s not sharing the same tuner.

Must be something with the “none” transcoding mode, I can check.