Can't Playback Recorded Content when PIP is active

The last beta update has caused all my recorded content not to playback when in PIP mode. When the PIP is showing live or playback content and select a recording for playback, the screen goes to full and freezes. The app crashes and will not stop automatically. I can only crash the app by double clicking android home button twice and select it to stop and close. Only way to playback content is either from the recorded menu tab or from up next from android home. If I disable PIP then content will play. I have sent numerous diagnostics in the last hour hopefully it will grab developers attention.

What client platform?

Nvidia Shield Pro. Crashes on trashing any recordings now. PIP is definately causing issues. I have disabled PIP until developers can fix the issue. I just sent crash diagnistics.

This is fixed in the beta apk being uploaded now.

Fix is in v6.22.2231 available now.

You're awesome. I have been struggling all weekend turning PIP on and Off. I have updated again and can confirm that the trash and playback in PIP issues have been corrected. Thank you very much. I was wondering if anyone cared about the issue. It took a while, didn't get replies this past weekend on these issues.

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