CBS Sacramento low res picture

Trying to watch this channel for the past couple of weeks but the resolution is real bad. I have the latest pre release downloaded too 2021.10.13.1803

Should be the same on their website.
How does it look from a browser at

This isn't their live local affilate. Its on ch 6982. (the CBS channels at the bottom of the guide)

What do the player stats show when watched live on a client?
I just scheduled a short 5 minute recording to see what the resolution and bitrate are.

Yah, it's pretty bad 640x360p, 29.97fps, 0.705Mbps

File:TV\CBSNEWS-SAC 6982\CBSNEWS-SAC 6982 2021-10-13 Wednesday October 13 2021 2021-10-13-2120.mpg
Size : 0.029 GB
Duration : 00:05:14.74
Mux type : TS Stream
TS mux rate : 2.344 Mbps

Video: H.264
VideoStreamID : x100
Frame rate : 29.97 fps
Frame rate flag : Constant
Encoding size : 640 x 360
Aspect ratio : 16:9
Header bit rate : 25.000 Mbps
VBV buffer : 572 KBytes
Profile : High/4.0
Progressive : Progressive
Chroma : 4:2:0
Entropy mode : CABAC
Bit rate : 0.705 Mbps
Captioning : None found

Audio Stream: 1 (Primary)
Codec : AAC
Format : ADTS
Channels : 2.0
PID : x101
PES Stream Id : xC1
Sampling rate : 48000
Sample size : 16 bits

Really strange going through the recording I made.
Short segment with just the logo was 1280x720p
Local weather was 320x180p
Call Kurtis was 640x360p

i have seen TVE channels that will drop res and bitrate all the time, but only for commercials.

maybe that stream has switched to some sort of dynamic stream push, like what say netflix or other stream apps do.

Wonder how Channels DVR is selecting the resolution of the stream?
You can toggle between SD and HD on the site. HD looks fine.

Yeah I have no idea. It's been this way since the channel was launched. The SF channel comes in just fine in HD

Looks like they offer multiple selections in the master m3u8


When I changed the quality in the web player to HD, it switched to the last one in the list above.

How did you do that? I opened the web player on my computer and have no option

At their website CBSN Sacramento: Watch local, live news stream free 24/7 - CBS News using the Player settings (gear icon) in the lower right of the video window. Using Firefox here.
Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 16-51-03 CBSN Sacramento

I checked ALL of the CBSN channels available in Channels DVR and only SAC has the issue.