CBS Sunday Morning Series did not record

Strange, I don’t think this has ever occurred ... CBS Sunday morning is a series I have setup for all recordings.

This morning it did not record

It is second on the priority list and the first item on that list was not in conflict, no other recordings were scheduled for that same time

The name of the program did not change and I could not find anywhere in the app where it would show why it was not recorded (seem to recall there was a way to see that but couldn’t find it).

I then manually set it to record and it accepted and started recording it.

Thoughts ?

Same thing happened to me; it usually records my favorite CBS station each week (802 here in Pittsburgh), but this week it decided to record the TVEverywhere station 6766 which is CBSN Boston, and not start on time, but 30 minutes into the broadcast.

Yup, I just checked and my regularly scheduled recording of CBS Sunday Morning recorded an hour and a half of CBSN Boston, starting at 9:30 am instead of 9:00 am. Must be an error in the guide.

Same here

If it makes you feel any better, the broadcast this morning was an admitted rerun of their 40th anniversary program.

I noticed the repeat here in Denver. The show did record here with the file name: CBS News Sunday Morning 2019-01-27 2020-03-15-0759.mpg.

Yesterday, one PBS recording stated 30 minutes late. This was a guide problem. Channels works great. I do, frequently, pad an extra 30 minutes before and after to catch guide errors.

In my case I joined the program maybe 30 minutes in and the guide was correctly showing the program but it was not recording it. I'm not too worried about missing it as I also separately subscribe to CBS and as someone mentioned it was a repeat. The purpose behind my post was to alert the developers to an issue that may be able to be fixed in a future update.

thanks all, nice to know I was not alone, and therefore not something unique to my setup, etc.

And tonight it didn’t record the CBS Evening News - was working perfectly, didn’t change anything recently, first time on this program as far as i can remember

I also record CBS Evening News and didn't get a recording at the normal time, so I looked at the logs. What I saw was that the guide had been updated before the normal start time for CBS Evening News and Channels scheduled it to start recording at 10:00 PM (EDT) on CBSN (which it did).

So, to me it looks like a guide problem vs. a failure in Channels. We'll see what happens tonight.