Channels 4.0 is released

In the Recording section, is there any way to go back to the old way, not displayed by recording date?

In the Library section the shows are organized by season and episode, among other ways if you turn on the setting for large libraries. The recorded list is new and doesn't remove the old ways. I find this new view useful if I know something recorded today and I want to go watch it and not weed through the library looking for it.

I just bought it because I wanted to watch my local South Florida news in the motning with coffee. And that is what I did until the new version. Now it automatically scans but finds nothing then assumes I have the DVR spp and directe me to my "server" asking IP addresses. What happened t just watchhing the news. I thought Channels was my answer to "cutting the cable" and still getting local antenna stuff. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

Please see the individual thread you opened about this problem.

The announcement makes it sound like I could remove items from the sidebar but I cannot find anything in the settings.
"Kiosk mode" is also mentioned but I cannot find that either. Is it a plus-subscription thing?
To be honest I don't use anything on the left side of the actual guide so I was thrilled to read I could turn them off, now I only have to find out how...

Btw it is somewhat confusing that pressing "menu" -button repeatedly user ends up in settings, in most apps that backs out of the app... I don't know if this changed in the newest version or have I not just noticed it before.

Huh, in the app settings or tvos settings?

Can you make a video showing this problem and email to [email protected]

This is only for Channels Plus users. The normal live TV only app doesn't have sidebar customization because there's only a total of 3 sections available.

This is a hidden feature, you can learn about it here:

There's no way to actually turn off the sidebar.

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Can you explain a bit more about the experimental deinterlace option? What type of deinterlacing is being used ?

Edit: I found your post on it. It seems to work great!

Suspected bug in 4.0.0 Search page. Right-side panel labeled New Shows & Seasons at top. Looks good on first entering search page but... When navigating down from top and reaching third row of graphics, text and graphics begin to get garbled. Text headings like "Recommended Shows" and "Upcoming Movies" get overlaid with graphic images with the result being scrambled and unusable/unreadable text and images. I hope this description of problem makes sense.

Is this with the keyboard layout where it's on the left side of the screen, vs across the top of the screen full width?

Yes. I just checked and I have one ATV4K with the left/right arrangement and one with the over and under arrangement. Left/right is the only one that exhibits the problem. Is there a setting I can change to correct this?

No it does it based on the kind of remote you use.

If you are using Bluetooth like the Siri remote, it will use the full width keyboard layout. I’d you use ir it uses the grid keyboard on the left.

I’ve been using a variety of remotes the past few days beta testing the new BT and CEC functionality. I guess that explains why I hadn’t noticed it before and why I seemed to get inconsistent screens. Anyway the left/right layout seems to have a format bug.

Everything is fine after I deleted the app and re-loaded it from the apple store. Thanks for the help everyone!

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The kiosk mode doc is now here:

The problem seems to have been caused by me looking for the the "sidebar-settings" that were not there: menu-button works as it should after rebooting the whole atv.
(i.e somehow by going over all the settings-menus multiple times I caused the menu-button bug, but I don't know how)

Have you been successful in activating it?
When I try it every other time the "logo animates" and nothing happens and every other time "logo animates" and I am booted to the settings menu. But the settings menu is still there, strange

I'm curious why the decision was made to bury The "scheduled recordings" menu under the settings menu. I use this option on a daily basis, and now it's a real pain to get to. I've looked through ways to configure the sidebar menu, and see nothing to allow this to be fixed. It's not like the "Scheduled Recordings" menu is a set once and forget menu option, there's all kinds of reasons to jump into this menu often. Please consider putting it back where it's easy to access. I can deal with the rest of the changes in 4.x, but this one is a sticking point as it makes the interface harder to use.


Agreed. I frequently use this page to manage upcoming recordings, skip some recordings, or adjust some pass priorities. (The Passes and Trash can justifiably be under the Settings banner, as they are far less frequently used.)

I do not like it being buried either I frequently use it.