Channels DVR is Now Available in a Public Beta

Is there a possibility that once this goes live there will be a lifetime or yearly pricing model? I hate seeing monthly payments and like to just give a lump sum. Plex Pass, Tablo and TiVo all spoiled me with offering that option. I love what you guys are doing but I’m really trying to stick to my cord cutter mindset

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How is progress going on getting DVR support and guide data in Australia?

( Would really like to see some progress as the DVR capability has been available for almost 5 months in “beta” )

See International DVR

For the unRAID plugin, is there a way to add a option to where we want the dvr data to be stored?
It currently sets it to


The DVR settings and guide data are stored in that location. There is currently no way to change this.

During setup you can select where your recordings should be saved. Your settings are also regularly backed up into your recordings path.