Channels dvr plus tve plus something like Reelgood?

So I have my TiVo stream setup and channels dvr integrated and I am thinking to myself I see the direction tivo is going and would be cool to see some channels dvr integration into the tivo stream app...but Reelgood is already out there and could you integrate with something like Reelgood and say I want to put fresh prince of bel air on my dvr it will record it via ota but also show me where I can stream it free? Just curious others thoughts

While I am with you, Devs don't seem too interested at this time because they want to focus solely on the DVR experience. See: Feature Request: Add Realgood or something like it

oops didnt see that and wow I am surprised that isnt more liked idea..dont get me wrong I am so happy with channels DVR and I think its superior to a lot of DVRs out there, just the old wish I could have my cake and eat it too! Streaming is getting so fragmented it would be nice to have one place to come for all your content and why not make that your favorite DVR service, Tivo seems to have abandoned DVR service and is focusing on streaming so a combo of channels and Tivo or etc in my opinion would be great, but in the mean time I am so happy with channels and my tivo stream 4k, cant wait for my atsc 3.0 hd homerun to come in, I will be all set for the future!

@madisonjar I am using Apple TV / iOS / iPad. I have been using WatchAid for many years (free or donation). It is an excellent product but the developer (s?) have not really kept up with it. Years ago I suggested they support PLEX TV Shows and he like the idea and added support which works well. I have looked at Reelgood but they do not support changes on the ATV (only the iOS Version - unless I have missed something).

The way WatchAid works it occasionally (or close the app and force) it will SCAN PLEX for New TV Shows (no moves for WatchAid like reel good has). I have not tested this but there are some here who have added their Channels DVR Content to PLEX and like it. You would need to do that so that PLEX sees the TV Shows you have recorded. Then you tell WatchAid to "follow" the show you are interested in. WatchAid will check all of the normal places like Netflix, Hulu, Prime, CBS AA etc and lastly PLEX. If the show is found in any or all of those they will show that in the places to play from. You would just select PLEX and it opens PLEX in the ATV and play the show.

I personally do not like using PLEX to play Channels Content because it does not AUTO SKIP Commercials like Channels. Maybe others here remove commercials after recording to solve that. Again, I do not do that so have not tested.

We have an experimental way to do this now in Experimental: TV/Movie deep-links via imported .strmlnk files