Channels DVR + Xteve / Telly

You do not create a configuration file. When you first run 1.5 there should not be a config file in the folder. When first run it will pause and wait for you to open a browser and connect to the web interface. Then it will create a file called telly.db That is the config file. You need to delete this file when you want to start fresh. Believe me you will need to start over a lot. At least I did.

I understand now. I’m going to install the Windows version first and play with it before I try rolling it out on my Synology box in Docker.

Good idea I've only played with it on a windows box.

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Well I got everything set up and running with Telly 1.1 (1.5 was a lost cause) and the streaming through channels is perfect. I only have about 10 channels I created. I went into Channels, selected Telly and added lineups to match the channels up with their closest equivalents from DirecTV's lineup. It saved all of that, but I still don't get any guide data in Channels. I have completely deleted and told it to recreate the database twice. Watching the log as it does this it appears to be downloading all of my other lineups & devices (2 HD Homeruns, TVE and Locast) fine, but never downloads guide data for "TELLY". Anyone have any suggestions?

have you looked into the telly command line for errors at the moment channels is trying to read the epg? I get a strange error message every time when I run telly on MacOS (any flavor) ... the moment I run telly on Windows everything runs smooth and epg is forwarded ...

why tvheadend between hdhomerun and telly?

When I made my own 'emulator' recently and I matched by myself channels in EPG it appeared in the guide, however stream is not playing :frowning:
Maybe I'll use it as reminder service of when something is played :smiley:

Lots of reasons: To aggregate my hdhomerun and sat>ip tuners, to allow for mux sharing, etc

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I still don’t follow in full concept of sat>ip tuners. Does it require some special converter on the dish?

SAT>IP is essentially an industry standard for network DVB tuners. (Think HDHomeRun tuners, but standardized.)

The devs are investigating adding SAT>IP client support into Channels. If they implement this, then you could cut out Telly, as Tvheadend can act as a SAT>IP server as well as a client.

I never saw such device on my own eyes :slight_smile:

Not surprising if you're in the US as I doubt there are many worthwhile sat services you could use it with. Most consumer-oriented sat services are encrypted and locked into Directv and Dish's hardware. It's not even all that well known here in the UK, as Sky has a similar encryption/hardware lock (though we do have Freesat and many other free-to-air sat services as well). I think it's more known/popular in Europe where it's easier to subscribe to an encrypted sat service and use your own hardware. I ordered my sat>ip tuner from Germany.

I’m in Europe - Poland :slight_smile: I read lately a lot about Linux tuners with Enigma from Octagon or Zgemma,they can be even used with Sky card or Canal+ because not everywhere operator enforced lock in full.

Ah....Dzień dobry!

I know if you work at it you can use your own hardware with a Sky card and subscription, but I've never bothered to try because most of what I watch is on free-to-air TV. I've only looked briefly at Enigma/Zgemma receivers but I think they are more like normal set-top boxes rather than network tuners, so I ruled them out because they wouldn't work with Channels. My goal has always been to have just 1 box connected to the TV and use it for everything (Apple TV in my case) since my other half is a bit of a technophobe. :smiley:

Dzień dobry!
Hah, my goal initial would be the same because my parents are not much into technology and I have Apple TV.
From what I read Enigma tuners can act like network tuners because they allowing card sharing and you can access recordings on the box on home network from the browser. However I don’t know any Apple TV app to connect to such tuner (maybe I should develop one :joy: )

Free to air in Poland is awful and will be till 2022 when mandatory switch to DVBT-2 is required by European Union.
For Sky I have Sky Go but they don’t have app on tvOS.
So similar to you I am trying to find a way for unification in one box
If I could find a way to extract live stream url from my cable operator tv online app life would be much easier with Channels

I'm using app on my AppleTV. The receiver I have is a Vu+-branded, but I believe that this app could work with other Enigma2 boxes as well.

It's not quite as polished as Channels and if Channels would support Enigma2-tuners or at least some other way to watch encrypted DVB-C (with Conax/CI+ encrypted HD/UHD-channels) here in Europe I would go with Channels. At the moment they sit both on my AppleTV top shelf. Channels for free to air and VuPlusTV for encrypted channels.


Hey, thanks for posting about vu+ app on tvOS! This is brilliant I never encountered that in my search.
Although I'm unemployed dev (I know how it sounds) supposedly to have lot of free time, it's not easy task for single man to develop something great in short time.

I tried to contact few distributors in Poland to get some tuners for testing but no response, and cost of them can be huge (altough I found Zgemma Combo for 420PLN and thinking about it). I'm saying that because I wanted to create IPTV client that could rival TVMate on Android and also could cooperate with Channels DVR engine.

As for Channels it supports various sources that STREAMS. Difference is Channels is a software while Enigma tuner is a hardware that has own CPU, board, socket and contains own low level apps to interact with access modules, CI/CI+ transmission etc. And because such tuners can convert signal to stream CHannels could support them that way if they write proper algorithms to at least discover tuner over the network, a bit challenging but definitely worth pursuing :slight_smile: Such tuners can decrypt encrypted DVB-C channels as well so you can have later your recordings on disk decoded and stream without problems.

For satelite sources as Freesat it is difficult to receive in Poland,in my city it probably requires 120cm dish as these are broadcasted in british beam. Two polish crap satelite platforms utilises Hot Bird 13E, and if someone is capable of doing two-sat installation it rathers choose Astra 19.2E instread of british Astra :frowning: Not to mention challenges with creating satelite access network inside blocks with many apartments.

Hi everyone ...
great to read that there is more international interest in sat>ip ... for the last couple month I have been trying to figure this out ... I am living in the US and want to have a stable connection to my Astra 19.2E sat>ip server in germany in the house of my brother and integrate it all with channels dvr ... for now I have tvheadend setup in germany on a synology and telly feeds the streams into my local channels DVR server ... it works relatively stable but EPG data, that I receive from and feed into telly is not read reliably by channels DVR, if I manually check the xml files everything is good ... all not very convenient ... Well I will keep playing around and hope for stability updates in the xmltv implementation in Channels ...

As a side note - VU+ account on YouTube was removed :expressionless: