Channels Feature request

Hello. First and foremost, GREAT APP and extremely responsive support!! Kudos!! I have been a long time Plex user and ran into your app via a recommendation on Plex’s forum ironically!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I have a HDHR Prime with Fios and your TV Everywhere source for the DRM’ed channels. I was able to add six channels that were DRM’ed before. Awesome idea!!
Unfortunately, I have a few hundred movie/and TV show titles that I have made digital copies using Handbrake throughout the years. Because of this, I still have to use Plex. Plex also has a useful iTunes plugin that allows me to automatically import all my iTunes music and playlists to Plex. It would be awesome if you guys implemented a “Movies” and “TV Shows” section to channels that allows us to use our current movie and TV Show libraries!!! This would make apps like Plex, Emby and Fusion relics!!! Have you guys considered doing this and adding it to channels? Having all these different apps for entertainment is just getting redundant!! You can scrape DVD cover and movie info from TMDB like most other apps do!! This would make Channels the perfect all-in-one app. And I’m sure there are hundreds like me out there that would LOVE this!!! Any thoughts on this devs?

Someone beat you to it!
See these topics, but remember it's currently pre-alpha.