Channels for Android TV & Fire TV Now Available


Hmm… I didn’t see that option… I used NSSM which worked fine.

May uninstall at some point and do a reinstall.


Just discovered Channels and LOVE it, you have a winner on your hands for sure. Probably should have read the fine print here, but it looks like I cannot record or view recordings from inside the Andriod app (only on the web interface). You mention this will come online later this year, are we talking weeks, months, Q2, Q3, or perhaps Q4?


Asking developers for dates?!

We can’t promise anything, but we’d be disappointed in ourselves if the full DVR experience wasn’t there by sometime in the summer.

The good news is, I think we’ve decided we’ll do a slow roll out of features instead of holding all of them until it has 100% DVR support. The first would be being able to browse your recordings and playing them back.

So if you want to start using Channels DVR now and utilize something else for playback, eventually you’ll be able to play them back directly in Channels. Then you could just suffer through using the web admin for scheduling, which isn’t toooo bad. And then of course you’d get scheduling and management support inside of Channels.

We think doing it in phased roll outs will be better for the product and for everyone that uses Channels.

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Agree with this approach (DVR playback ASAP please!.. scheduling later)…can always use our iPhones to schedule rather than web interface. Most of us usually have these damn devices in hand or nearby when watching TV anyway…


After a live show ends it’s been kicking me back out to the guide. Beta version would just keep playing live channel. Hoping this is just a glitch?


I just noticed it’s more of an Apple TV port rather than a native designed Android app.

Btw can I join on your design team, and help you design your apps. I want to fix the TV experience too. I am very fluent in Material design


You must be talking about the Fire TV app? I haven’t seen the Fire TV app, but I use the Android TV app all the time and I love the design of it. It is completely different from the Apple TV app, and I like the Android style vertical navigation much more than the TVOS style horizontal navigation. But in both cases I feel the developers did a great job designing for what users of each platform would expect.


Should I assume there will be a Channels Channel for the Shield in the near future?


Is there a free channels DVR fire tv app like there is on the apple tv?


Yes, all of our apps are available as free downloads that only work while you're an actives Channels subscriber.

Search for "Channels dvr" on your appropriate app store.