Channels HTTP API


Unfortunately there's no tvOS API to launch apps.


I didn't think there was, but thought I'd ask around. I hope Apple gets around adding that functionality to tvOS, but not gonna hold my breath.



Yeah it stinks. They’ll probably never add anything like that either. Their security model pretty much prevents things like this.

I use an automation for my kitchen tv every morning to play the news while I make coffee. I just make sure whenever I stop watching anything on the kitchen tv, that Channels is opened and ready for my automation. ¯(°_O)/¯


Would there be any possibility of adding an API call to play the oldest/newest recording from a given series pass? (My use case would be, essentially, a HomeAssistant command to "play Jeopardy" and have Channels pull up the oldest unwatched recording in the Jeopardy series pass; I don't see a way to really index into the recordings programatically right now?)


We probably wouldn’t add that directly to the Channels API on the client apps.

But you can directly play a recording with the API, you just need to figure out the ID of that recording, heh.

The Channels DVR api isn’t public, but it IS there. You can use it to figure out the right episode and then call the Channels API to play that recording. I do something like what you’re wanting to do.

You can get all the recordings of a series with this endpoint: