Channels not recognizing HD channels

Been using Channels for about six months with only minor issues. I'm in San Francisco and use it for six OTA HD channels using a Synology DS1019+ and HDHomeRun Dual.

Seems like OTA channels got remapped so I rescanned the HDHomeRun, then reinstalled server and clients.

All is well, except that Channels no longer recognizes HD channels - it treats all of them as SD.


What makes you think that?
Do any show on the DVR web UI grid guide when you select HD?

Devs can correct me if I'm wrong, but pretty sure HD vs SD comes from the HDHR tuner.

My HD channels are showing up fine in the web guide. I'm on version

Did you try "delete and recreate the database" from guide maintenance drop down?

Check first and see if the channels are marked HD or not.

Doesn't say anything about HD channels:


I'm assuming this means it's an issue with my HDHR?

Did you click on the 90 Channels link. That will give you a list of all your channels and what they are.

I can't speak to your issue, but I can tell you reinstalling server and clients was entirely unnecessary.

We've had channels remapped several times since we acquired the Channels DVR and apps. Most I've had to do was tell the HDHR tuner to rescan. And that only once. Every other time it caught the remapping on its own.

You have a legacy HDHR which does not detect HD vs SD. On the dvr web UI you can click pencil icon under your HDHR and then click the Edit HD button.


What was the giveaway, Model or Device ID?
It's a gen3 DUAL, correct?

@tmm1 It identified HD channels fine before the update / rescan, but thanks for the tip.

I've posted a question on the Silicon Dust forum.