Channels not staying hidden

I have a DVR Server on a Linux Box (v. 2021.05.26.1807). I've noticed that the server is not recognizing my hiddent channels when I flag them as do not display from within the hdhomerun tuner (access through the IP Address -> Channel Lineup). What's even more frustrating is I have marked the channel within Channel DVR to not show either (http://x.x.x.x:8089 -> Click Gear Icon by the tuner, select Manage Lineup -> Click the icon next to the heart, red circle with the bar going diagonally).

Instead I have to go to each client and manually supress the channels. Ideally, I'd like Channels to recognize my channel suppression at the tuner level (the hdhomerun web gui setting), but absent that, is there a way to suppress channels across all clients so I don't have to manually adjust?

And occasionally my OTA tuner picks up a random channel and causes me to have to go to each client to supress it from the guide, thus this isn't a once and done issue.

Is this a known bug, or am I going about this the wrong way?



What clients?

Channel status settings (disabled/favorite) are not synced between clients. Each client maintains its own list.

This is a feature that is planned for the future, but not present yet.

Unless I'm misunderstanding the question or your client is different (mine are Android and Fire TV), the solution is to go into the Settings of each client, then "Manage Sources", [HDHR name], "Sync Favorites/Hidden", and "Import from Source".

If you’re on iOS or tvos clients, the favorites and hidden are synced only once - on initial app launch. So you can get them set how you want on the DVR server and then delete the apps (including the beta if you have it installed) and re-install and it should bring them over.

Nvidia shield and Fire Sticks

On board with this. Set your preferred lineup in the hdhr ui and import from source on each client.

Then you should be able to do as I recommended above: "Import from Source" in each client.

Sorry for the long delay, yet the import from source worked. Hopefully that will become a server side setting that can be locked in for a future release, but this makes it so much easier than before. Thanks.