Channels Unification - DVR Everywhere!

Hey everyone!

Today is a day we’ve been working towards all year. Today, all of the Channels apps are officially unified. No matter which Channels app you use, you can expect the same exact features.

That includes full DVR support for Android TV and Fire TV!

Channels DVR everywhere.

We promised you we’d have full Channels DVR support for Android TV and Fire TV by the Summer and phew, we made it. You can expect all the same features that have been on the Apple TV and iOS. Now you can watch and manage your entire DVR right from the app.

  • Search and schedule recordings or Series/Team Passes
  • Start a recording while you’re watching something
  • Schedule a recording right from your guide
  • Browse, watch, and manage all of your recordings

Well, now doesn’t that look pretty.

We spent a ton of time cleaning up the entire UI of Channels so that it feels great no matter what platform you use it on. You might not notice at first, but we think you’ll feel the difference as you use it.

There are lots of little touches and polish we added to the overall UI that we think go a real long way to making it feel better.

What’s next?

While a lot has changed in this new version, we consider this a maintenance release. We had to make a lot of these changes so we could move forward with some new features we have planned. So keep a look out for some fun new stuff soon.


The hard work and dedication from both @tmm1 and @maddox really are apparent in the unified experience across multiple platforms.

Best of all, Channels has definitely become the premier DVR solution that these two dev’s envisioned.

Totally Awesome accomplishment.


The new show info modals on ATV are beautiful! The date/time recorded is super helpful and the channel logo is a nice touch.

Kudos, devs :clap: :raised_hands:


Just a small nitpik.

While “date/time recorded” displays on ATV recorded shows, it doesn’t appear to be displaying for recorded movies.

Don’t really know if it would be beneficial, just an observation. :sunglasses:

I wish Pluto TV would support TVE and then Channels DVR pick up to support that. I am fortunately in a area and ChannelsDVR is becoming my main app!

Which channels from Pluto have live streams via the channels website that Channels is missing?

I don’t see anything from Pluto available via Channels, am I missing something?

Pluto TV is not a live tv provider. Its channels are custom to itself. It has no real networks like Sling or Hulu Or cable providers have.

They’re just old on demand content played back linearly with their own guide.

Pluto could never be a TVE provider because their channels are custom to them.


Too bad.