Cheapest add-on GPU for hardware transcoding?


I'm not sure what you mean. What is not working like it should? What was the gpu usage before?

We use the same nv transcoder as Plex, and all the work happens in the nv driver.


when I first installed the card I was getting 60-70% GPU usage which was allowing me to transcode at 3-9x

now i max out at 10% GPU which barely keeps me at 1x which causes pausing during watching.


On live or recorded playback?

Does the Log show it using h264_nvenc?



2018/10/24 22:02:25 [HLS] Starting transcoder for channel 35 from (encoder=h264_nvenc, resolution=720, deinterlacer=linear, bitrate=2000)


I don't know why it would be working fine and then stop working. Only thing I can recommend is updating the nvidia driver since that's what powers the transcode.


Does Intel Quick Sync work?
I've just bought a Asrock j5005 and was hoping I could run the DVR on that machine with quick sync with transcoding capabilities


I just removed driver & reinstalled still doing the same thing


That processor may not suppprt quicksync as I donā€™t see it listed as having quick sync:


Also doesn't show Quicksync on the processors ARK page. Normally "Intel Quick Sync Video" field would be listed directly under the "Processor Graphics: OpenGL Support" field.


It does support it. Still don't know why its not on that list. My question wasn't about about that tho :slight_smile:


I was actually looking into this myself. Intel does not list Intel Quick Sync in its ARK feature list, but I'm reading articles everywhere that all Gemini Lake CPU's do?! So maybe it's not listed at all because it's a standard?! The iGPU is Intel UHD Graphics 605.

So does HW transcoding work well with ChannelsDVR, on this CPU???? I'm currently using UNRAID on an old desktop with an i5-4590 CPU. Though that may be more powerful, it is most certainly not so power efficient, and is such an eyesore!

How well does this CPU work, if it is SOLELY purposed for ChannelsDVR only, with an HDHOMERUN Quatro tuner?