Chromecast 4k LiveTV

There's a volume rocker on the right side of the remote. There's also a mute button below the Google Assistant button.

That's for the tv volume. I'm talking the device volume like the ts4k and other android boxes. If you are using ear buds with no onboard volume controls you need a device volume control like on a pc.

The volume/mute keys on the TiVo remote send IR commands to your TV/receiver. They're not tied to the Android system; TiVo uses a custom app in their firmware image for the device to program the remote to send the proper IR keycodes to handle your audio equipment.

Unless you're seeing something different, the only sound setting on the TS4K is to toggle system/navigation sounds, or select which audio formats are enabled.

You are correct. My bad I was confusing it with the android stick which has the device volume. The atv4k dose it the best tv volume until you use bt speaker or headset then device volume. I haven't played with the ts4k in a while. Sorry for the mistake.

Received my Chromecast Google TV and tested Channels DVR.

The app runs similar to one on Apple Tv. When you press up/down on the circle trackpad, it does not change the channels.

How do we get it working similar to Tivo where it changes channels on up/down press?

Use a remote with CH +/- buttons.

A Shield is complete overkill for anyone that just needs a basic streamer device. Especially for triple the price. Don't see it as a "recommended" device unless you game on it or do as you do, and run the DVR on it. But most already have their Channels server set up already so why bother switching at 3x the cost of Sabrina?

Haven't tried it yet on mine, but you could try button mapper.

Like other android boxes? Are you confusing generic chinese android boxes that are android OS, not Android TV, with actual Android TV boxes like MiBox S, Shield, Sabrina and the TS4k?

Since the TS4k will automatically figure out your device that controls audio, it sets up the remote to control that devices audio, so for you it seems seamless. It's not volume on the ts4k that's being controlled. These devices just don't work that way to my knowledge.

But again, the TS4k works so well Channels because of Button Mapper and the accessibility settings. So the same thing can most likely be accomplished with Sabrina as well. Or CCGTV if you prefer that acronym.

Skystream pro is like the m box it comes with androidtv 9 pre-installed. All other generic devices I've played with i upgrade to androidtv 9, channels will only run the tablet/phone app on the generic Android os. Tha Sabrina is a nice device when you add a 64gig usb stick and run channels from that using a sofabaton or flirc remote rivals the atv4k. I like the device volume controls on the generic units because I use ear buds with no on board controls and can control the volume from the device. Anyway my point was that the atv4k controls bt volume and Sabrina dose not also all devices with androidtv and firetv support pip via keyboard "p" and Sabrina (androidtv 10) dose not. I was not knocking it just commenting on it.

Does atv control both device volume and BT volume? If so, how does it know the difference if there's only one set of volume controls?

Can you not control volume from the BT headset? Outside of my phone and using the volume controls, I've always controlled volume from the headset itself for other devices

Didn't know generic devices could run actual AndroidTV. Thought they were relegated to Android OS. And didn't know you could manually update a device to AndroidTV 9. Thought it was more locked down than that.

Yes atv4k volume control is bt when bt audio device is connected and tv when no bt device device is connected its pretty smart like that. Not all ear buds have volume controls on them mine are echo buds and volume must be controlled by the device itself. All generic devices with a x96 chip are flashable to avdroidtv 9 the upgrade for these devices has been out for a while and now the androidtv 10 rom has been released though I've not heard good things about it. I know this it off topic but the questions were asked.

Just wanted to update that the Sabrina now dose control device volume when connected to Bluetooth. Very similar to the atv4k.

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I'll add the ccgtv is pretty much an advertising platform. It is all about aggregation. It does not have app specific rows. HBO Max is everywhere and heavily promoted. Over 50% of my recommendations are for services I don't pay for and would have to pay to watch them. All the rows are aggregated content based on genres I like, thing a I watched and what not. It's like tv for idiots that don't know what they want to watch or be able to access exactly what they want quickly. Unless you go to app only mode (from what I was told) which defeat the purpose. There's just no balance of what I want and what they want.

From this point of view I prefer the TS4k and the non Google TV home screen that let's me personalize the content I want to see it a degree.

The TS4k also has a superior remote for channels users.

And being on the latest Android tv version is not critical. Don't know why people are so hung up on being on the latest and greatest all the time. If that were the case, everyone would own a pixel phone.

I relegated Sabrina to the theater room where it sees less use instead of on my living room TV. I also disable everything Stream related. Since I can't integete channels into the stream app, and it's aggregation, it's not really helpful.

The app-only mode will simply list your installed applications in a single row. No "Channels" rows for individual applications like the standard Leanback Launcher has.

The issue isn't about having the latest and greatest. The issue is about security updates. In order for a device such as this to be fully functional, it needs internet access. And I don't know about you, but I want every device in my house that connects to the internet to have the latest security patches and mitigations. The TS4K hasn't had any security updates since June; the CCGTV is using a patchset from October.

That was my take on app only mode. As I said, defeats the purpose of the device. Might as well just cast to an Ultra then.

And the TS4k is pretty much Tivo's consumer Guinea pig for their android based cable boxes. Outside of not caring about the latest Android TV version, it's gotten regular updates and will most likely always get them for as long as they support the platform. Considering they are one of what, three major future cable box OS's, they're not going anywhere anytime soon. Their DVR on the cable side will be done over the next five or so years, and Android will be it's main focus moving forward.

I have no concerns and will take the much better remote for Channels and the regular Android TV home screen over Sabrina any day.