Clearing the Previously Recorded flag on Series

What is easiest way to clear all the previously recorded flags on a series? I have a lengthy series I want to re-record and they are all marked as previously recorded. This is preventing some (not all) of the upcoming shows to not be queued for recording.

I have already deleted the old recordings from the WebUI.

I updated the "re-record deleted episodes" flag under the Advanced Series Pass after creating a new pass. But alot of the upcoming episodes are showing up as previously recorded still and not "Queued" to record. I'm hoping there has to be a way to mass remove that flag from the series and just start fresh to record all episodes again.

Setting the “re-record” flag on the pass should do it. Have you deleted all of the existing recordings? Be sure to make sure there aren’t any in the trash either. It’s possible being in trash may prevent re-recording (devs would have to answer that one).

I did delete all the recordings from within the Series Pass in the WebUI.

Checked recyclebin on Synology NAS, there were a few episodes there, so I cleared out the recycle bin and rebooted the NAS. None of the episodes in the bin matched upcoming shows that are not queued.

Same issue, some are queued for recording, some are showing already recorded and not queuing - even with the "re-record" flag on.

For those marked as recorded: you can click on the drop-down to select "Mark as not recorded" (or similar, I'm operating on memory), and then it ought to either show up as queued, or give you the option to record it.

(I had to do this with some old movies that were previously recorded, deleted, but wished to re-record.)

Thanks - yeah, i've done that manually for a few, but its a series that has like 100 episodes and not played in order. Was hoping to just clear database of this series ever recording and start fresh.

There is a nuclear option if you're truly interested. It will clear the database of what has been previously recorded, but still keep the previous recordings. However, it's an all-or-nothing act; you can't just do it for a single series.

Edit: Actually, there might be another option:

Thanks, I will give this a shot shortly. Guessing this command will regenerate the database and ideally adjust the recorded flag on that series?

There's no way to do this "per series", because the series information is not being stored. So it's all or nothing for your entire library.

As I understand it, the database that tracks the recordings/files is separate from database that handles scheduling and tracks the previously recorded status. So, my suggestion is to:

  1. Send a PUT to the /dvr/pruner/deleted endpoint to ensure that the recorded files database reflects which files and recordings you really have; then,
  2. Send a POST to the /dvr/programs/regenerate endpoint so that the previously-recorded flag in the scheduling database is set to only those recordings that actually are present now.

Perhaps @tmm1 could chime in with some clarification. I wouldn't want to lead you to take action that might affect your recordings.

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