Closed Captions


Also, Closed captions are not available during remote access. The video transcode strips the relevant data from the stream.


Depends on the transcoder and platform. Software transcoding will always preserve captions.


Interesting. Is that because the h264_vaapi encoder in ffmpeg does not preserve closed captions, but x264 does? Or is there something else going on.

(I make extensive use of the remote feature, but always use hardware transcoding. Perhaps I ought to switch to software transcoding ...)


Yep. It's slowly being added to vaapi and other encoders as well.


This advice may make sense on a tablet or PC but doesn’t on the Nvidia shield displaying on my TV using the default Nvidia shield controller. There is no way to press down using this controller


Tmm1, I apologize about not understanding your explanation for turning on subtitles in Nvidia Shield. If you press the down part of the rubberized button while in the player indeed language option does come up. I had to enable track 1 for closed caption but now it works. Sorry


That type of control is referred-to as a "joystick" control, with "up," "down," "right," "left" and "select"/"ok".