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My Channels install for some reason will no longer boot, so I'm taking this opportunity to reinstall. I'm copying all my /DVR folder over, but in the interest of time, are there things that can be safely skipped? For example, I have 28GB in the "Logs" folder alone. Does all that need to be copied?


Great, thanks

It's a bit long, but see:

I go into a lot of detail about this and probably answer a lot of questions you may have (definitely covered the logs one later in the thread).

Thanks for the reply, and pointing me to that thread, it was helpful! I am wondering, now after reading it, why there isn't some sort of log purging feature built-in? Will the logs just continue to expand indefinitely (or, well, until the drive is full)? Do they ever get purged?

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Each log is tied to a program, so when you delete the program it also deleted the logs associated with it (once the Trash empties). But if you never delete anything, then yes, they'll go on forever until you run out of space.

Thanks for the info, that makes sense. I guess it is also a good reminder to not simply collect recordings :blush: