Custom Channel for .bat files?

Could I set up a custom channel that triggers a batch file on my computer?

I have a few scripts and bat files I run when needed, some related to channels and others not. The goal would be to have the custom channel show up in my guide labeled as the whatever the task is. Tune to it, maybe play a quick clip so I know it went through and then exit.

I don't know where to start with this, other then I have the files ready to go. Thought it would be cool to do some general maintenance from my tv remote instead of jumping on a computer.

I import my custom channels from NextPVR which uses a .bat file to change the channel for me…can’t see any reason why you can’t make that .bat file do other stuff - and then import the m3u to channels (if that is your preferred app).

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Not out of the box, but you probably could repurpose--with a bit of coding updates--HDMI for Channels to do something like this. That's basically what I did for PC Stream for Channels, so you could use this as a guide for how you might go about it:

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That is how I run some Scripts to control and record from my streaming devices using NEXTPVR extras.... and feed the M3U to other DVR's

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Where is that.bat file located?

Using their forum and wiki you’ll need to setup an ‘extras’ tuner. Then in the same folder as your ‘extras’ tuner file you will make your own .bat file… this is from memory - I only did it once when settings it up and haven’t had to go back to it since.

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I emptied the .bat files out and replaced the contents of prebmitune.bat with my script.

Added 1 channel to the custom channels using the template for NFL
#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="Scripts",Scripts

It worked! Ran my script from my TV.

Thank you!!

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